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I have received notes from certain readers acknowledging that many charges against China for its handling of the Covid-19 are false, as Roach and Shan have argued in my most recent mailing. But some of these same readers have suggested that China needs to be held to account for allowing international flights from Wuhan to continue after January 23, when the government shut down internal flights. Below is a message I have received suggesting the baselessness of that charge.
—— Marvin Zonis

Did China Allow International Flights From Wuhan After Shutting Down Internal Flights?

The story that China shut down internal flights but continued to allow international flights from Wuhan, thus globalizing Covid-19, was spread by Niall Ferguson. The story proved to be false because Ferguson used old airline schedules but not real flight data.

Just think about it, when China announced to the world that Wuhan was shut down and sealed off because of the outbreak of an infectious diseases, why would any country allow flights from Wuhan even if China still allowed flights? Does it make sense to you?

The best summary of how Ferguson was disproved is in a You Tube link in an email below someone forwarded to me – the link is below the name Tony:

Dear. . . ,
You might like to take a look at this one. Dr. Daniel Bell has disproved the Niall Ferguson article claiming flights from Wuhan to Europe and the States continued after 23 January. So far no correction has issued and Trump continues to rely on it.
. . . . .