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Leadership and Leaders

Over the last few month’s I’ve been working with Lawrie Philpott of Philpott Black in London to create a brand new website totally dedicated to the demanding and complex subject of leadership in today’s world - and, equally importantly, leadership in the future.

This week we’ve launched the site and I want you to be aware of it and, hopefully, to look it over and also to tell your friends. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer:






The demands of leadership are complex, often misunderstood – and inflict themselves on leaders (and followers!) everywhere.

People need a ‘go-to’ place where worthwhile thinking on leadership is readily available.





A new resource for leaders – and followers!


‘LL’ for short





Emeritus Professor Marvin Zonis, Chicago University Booth School of Business


Lawrie Philpott, formerly Partner-in-Charge, PwC UK’s Human Resources Advisory Group

Creators & Curators of LL.





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