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The Recency Of Our Racist – Or Caste – History

By Isabel Wilkerson

“In 1691, Virginia became the first colony to outlaw marriage between blacks and whites, a ban that the majority of states would take up for the next three centuries. . . forty-one of the fifty states passed laws making intermarriage a crime punishable by up to $5,000 and up to ten years in prison. . . Outside of the law, particularly in the South, African-Americans faced penalty of death for even the appearance of breaching this pillar of caste."

“The Supreme Court did not overturn these prohibitions until 1967. Still, some states were slow to officially repeal their endogamy laws. Alabama, the last state to do so, did not throw out its law against intermarriage until the year 2000. Even then, 40 percent of the electorate in that referendum voted in favor of keeping the marriage ban on the books.”

From Caste; The Origins Of Our Discontents, p. 111